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Government Revokes Registration of Whistleblower Website "I Paid a Bribe"

On June 16, 2011 the state sponsored China Daily published an article entitled “ China's 'I-Paid-a-Bribe' Sites Face Shutdown .” Some excerpts: China's grassroots anti-bribery websites may all be shut down because they are not registered with authorities, the Nanfang Daily reported Thursday. Bribery-reporting websites have been burgeoning this week, allowing Internet users to share their experiences in giving bribes though shying away from revealing corrupt figures. Inspired by the Indian anti-bribery site, at least eight Chinese online forums have sprung up since last Friday, bearing names with similar meanings. But safety concerns and an assumption that authorities will not give them the go-ahead are stopping many from registering their anti-bribery websites, choosing instead to operate unregistered and at the risk of being shut down. On August 11, 2011, the state-sponsored Guangzhou Daily published a report entitled "'I Paid a Bribe