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Translation: Hu Xin's Administrative Detention Notice for Political Tweets

  Public Security Bureau of Jingning County, Gansu Administrative Punishment Notice Transcript Agency Executing the Notice: Network Security Protection Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Ping Liang, Jingning County, Gansu Notifying Parties: Yue Zhanqiang and Li Yun Notified Parties: Hu Xin Legal Representative of: —----------------- Notification content: ☑ Notification before punishment In accordance with the provisions of Article 94 of the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China," you are hereby notified of the content, facts, reasons and basis of the proposed administrative punishment decision as follows: Out of a sense of curiosity, Hu Xin used his Apple mobile phone to browse Baid for the installation process of wall-climbing software, installed shadowrocket software, and then installed overseas software suc

How PRC Websites Disappeared Civil Rights Lawyer Lu Siwei (卢思伟)

On July 28, 2023, the Associated Press reported : Lu Siwei was seized by Laotian police Friday morning while boarding a train for Thailand. He was on his way to Bangkok to catch a flight to the United States to join his wife and daughter. .... Lu had a history of taking on sensitive cases, and of navigating the fraught and murky waters of defending people who are deemed to be political targets by authorities. .... In 2021, Lu was stripped of his legal license after representing a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist who tried to flee to Taiwan. Later that year, Lu was barred from leaving China for a visiting fellowship in the United States and was told he had an exit ban placed on him. For over a year, Lu has been separated from his wife and daughter, who both resettled in the United States last year. I previously translated Lu's defense of poet Wang Zang after Wang and his wife were convicted of inciting subversion. PRC websites began censoring Lu's name years ago. Here is a scr

Translation: The "Changsha Public Interest 3" Subversion Judgment

Translator' Notes: The judgment was posted on the Twitter account of Cheng Yuan's wife: . Below I have also translated the tweets that she posted accompanying the judgment. The Chinese text was generated by OCR'ing low-quality images of the original court judgment posted online. I have attempted to identify and correct the typographical errors that may have been introduced in the OCR process.  The Tweets of Shi Minglei (Cheng Yuan's wife), posted on June 13, 2023. The labor rights project - 996icu - was the trigger for the arrest of the Changsha Public Interest 3 . Cheng Yuan has devoted himself to public welfare since 2008. He has founded public welfare organizations such as Nanjing Tianxiagong, Guangzhou Pingji, and Changsha Funeng. He was once the head of the Beijing Yirenping Agency . 劳工权益项目— 996icu 是长沙公益仨被抓的导火索。程渊于 2008 年投身公益,曾创办公益机构南京天