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Translation: The Writings of Liu Fenggang Deemed "Intelligence" by China's Courts

On August 6, 2004, the Intermediate People's Court of Hangzhou, Zhejiang found Liu Fenggang guilty of spying for, and illegally providing state intelligence to, people abroad, and sentenced him to a fixed term imprisonment of three years  and three years deprivation of political rights. See: .  The court's judgment stated: "The National Administration for the Protection of State Secrets verification opinion proved that the three articles 'What I Understand About the Facts of Liu Baozhi's 'Cult' Case in Anshan, Liaoning,' 'Reports from the Motherland,' and 'Interrogated by the Police for Preaching the Gospel in Mountain District Outside of Beijing" are intelligence.'" In order to provide context for Liu's conviction, a translation of the article "What I Understand About the Facts of Liu Baozhi's 'Cult' Case in Anshan, Liaoning," is

Translation: The Writings of Ilham Tohti Deemed "Separatist" by China's Courts

On September 23, 2014, the Intermediate People’s Court of Urumqi found defendant Ilham Tohti guilty of separatism in the (2014) Wu  Intermediate Criminal First Instance No. 100 Criminal Judgment, and sentenced him to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation of all personal property. See: Ilham Tohti Criminal Judgment as Summarized by the Supreme People's Court . In its summary of the judgment, the Supreme People's Court cited three articles used as evidence  against Tohti in his trial: The article "A Group of Han Students Assaulted Uyghur Students at the Central University for Nationalities," which it said "maliciously created ethnic tension." The "Summary of Typical Cases of Deprivation and Violation of the Freedom of Religious Belief of Xinjiang Uyghur People," which it said "libeled the Chinese government as engaging in long-term repressive suppression and restriction of religious freedom in Xinjiang, an

CCTV "Dialogue" Presenter Yang Rui's 2012 Comments on Foreigners, Jews, and Journalists

In 2012 Yang Rui (杨锐) was a presenter for "Dialogue," a program on CCTV-9, the English-language channel of China's state-run China Central Television. The following is a chronicle of events relating to several Sina Weibo posts that Yang made in 2012, and which were subsequently deleted (whether by Yang or Sina Weibo remains a question). May 8, 2012 - Chinese Government Expels Melissa Chan, Al Jazeera's Correspondent in Beijing, From China May 14 , 2012 – Beijing Public Security Bureau Announces 100 Day Crackdown on Illegals May 14, Beijing police announced that they would cleanse the capital of foreigners who had entered illegally, were staying illegally, or were working illegally. The number to report this is 010-64038685. We understand that there are almost 200,000 foreigners in Beijing on any given day, and that some illegal aliens are mixed in amongst them, including the "three illegals" foreigners, most of whom have no source of livelihood, no