Searching for Information about June 4, 1989 on Sogou's New English Search Engine

On May 19, 2016, the state sponsored Global Times published an article entitled “Sogou, Microsoft Service.” Some excerpts:
Sogou Inc, a search engine arm under Internet company Inc, teamed up with Microsoft on Thursday by launching an English language search service to further its presence in the country's online search market.

With the aid of the global search technology provided by Microsoft's engine Bing, Sogou said in a statement that it can offer the latest English-language news, information and academic data to users. 
The following screenshots for "Tiananmen," "Massacre," and "June 4, 1989" were taken on June 4, 2016. In each case Sogou returned no results, only a notice saying "Apologies, we cannot find the English search results you are looking for." (抱歉,没有找到你要的英文结果).

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