On Street Near Protests, Japanese Businesses Shut Down, Chinese Businesses Call for Action Against Japanese

On September 16, 2012, a large crowd of protestors gathered outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing. The following photos were taken on September 16, 2012 on a street near the Embassy.
The signs on the doors read:
"Closed. The Diaoyu Islands are China's.
Do not yield an inch of sovereign land."

The restaurant has covered up the characters for "Japanese."
The signs read: "The Diaoyu Islands are China's sovereign land.
Down with Japanese militarism."

The sign on the door says "Closed."
The sigh on the right reads "Support China, Return the Diaoyu Islands."

The signs on the door read "Closed" and
"The Diaoyu Islands are China's."

The signs say "The Diaoyu Islands are China from antiquity"
and "Sovereign land is sacred and cannot be allowed to be invaded."
Not a Japanese business. The sign says:
"Boycott Japanese dogs."
Another non-Japanese business. The sign on the mannequin says:
"Better the land be filled with graves if that's what it takes to
kill Japanese dogs. Kill Kill Kill"

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