Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Xi Jinping" Related Censorship on Sina Weibo

As this screenshot, taken in February 2012, shows,  there was a time when Sina Weibo users could search for posts containing the term "Xi Jinping" (习近平 - China's Vice President).

The screenshot at right shows, however, that as of September 11, Sina Weibo is censoring all of these searches:

Any search containing "Xi Jinping" in Chinese

Any search containing "Xi Jinping in English

Any search containing "Xi" by itself in Chinese

Any search containing "Xi" by itself in English

Any search containing "XJP"

Any search containing "Vice President" (副主席)

It is worth noting, however, that similar censorship is also in place for searches relating to President, including "Hu Jintao" (胡锦涛) (in English and Chinese)  "HJT," "Hu" in Chinese (but not in English). Searches for "President" are not censored.

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