Friday, February 1, 2013

Great Firewall Engineer Han Weili Calls for Job Applications

On January 26, the web site of the state-sponsored Yunnan Information Daily published an article entitled "Fudan Professor Publicly Calls for Applications for Great Firewall Employees" [复旦老师公开招长城防火墙员工]. Some excerpts:
On January 24 someone using the ID "weili" posted an invitation for Ph.D job applications to the software college board of Fudan University's "Sun Moon Brilliant China" forum saying: "Anyone interested in improving the GFW, if you're interested get in touch with me." The incident triggered the attention of other users, and launched a technical debate around the matter.
Yesterday, [Fudan University software instructor] Han Weili confirmed that he was "weili" in response to a email request for an interview. He declined to be interviewed citing as grounds that "the post was in-artfully worded and he was not authorized by other parties."
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In his solicitation, Han Weili said he had been "working on this Topic for over 12 years," and responded to users' reactions about this technology saying "as a scientist providing a kind of technology, this is no big deal."
"That is just the nature of certain technologies, you just don't get it. Han Weili said "You can not participate and be all holier than thou, but there's no need to denounce others who try to improve it."
Han Weili believes this technology "is just a set of access control systems. The basic concept is block unauthorized access." But he admitted that there were two issues with this technology: "The first is a lack of transparency in strategy, the second is that Great Firewall strategy execution has a false-report rate that is too high." 
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