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Translation: Liu Fenggang, Xu Yonghai & Zhang Shengqi Espionage Judgment

 Note: This translation was posted on March 24, 2021, but the blog post is dated August, 6, 2004 in order to comport with the date the judgment was issued. Intermediate People's Court of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Criminal Judgment (2004) Hang Criminal First Instance No. 391 The public prosecution agency was the People's Procuratorate of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Defendant Liu Fenggang, male, born [INTENTIONALLY DELETED], 1959, Han ethnicity, associates degree, unemployed, residing at [INTENTIONALLY DELETED], Haidian District, Beijing. On October 13, 2003, he was placed under residential confinement at a designated location by the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District Branch, on suspicion of spying for, and illegally providing state intelligence to, people abroad. On November 14 of the same year he was taken into criminal detention, and on December 4 of the same year the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District Branch authorized his arrest. On May 14, 2004, he wa