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Translation: Sheng Zhonghua Judgment for Tweets That Disturbed the Peace

Translator' Notes: The Chinese text was generated by OCR'ing low-quality images of the original court judgment posted online. I have attempted to identify and correct the typographical errors that may have been introduced in the OCR process.  Sheng Zhonghua was convicted for committing the crime of "寻衅滋事." I translate this as "disturbing the peace," while other translators translate it as "picking quarrels and provoking troubles." People's Court of Ganjingzi District, Dalian Criminal Judgment (2020) Liao 0211 Criminal First Instance 459 The public prosecution agency was the People's Procuratorate of Ganjingzi District, Dalian. Defendant Sheng Zhonghua, male, born March 19, 1980, Citizen ID No. [OBSCURED IN ORIGINAL], Han ethnicity, college education, unemployed, household registration location [OBSCURED IN ORIGINAL], Dalian, Liaoning, current address and household registration[OBSCURED IN ORIGINAL]. On May 15, 2020, he was taken into

Translation: Judgment in the Case of Citizen Journalist Zhang Zhan's Reporting on the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan

People's Court of Pudong, Shanghai Criminal Judgment (2020) Hu 0115 Criminal First Instance No. 4002 The public prosecution agency was the People's Procuratorate of Pudong, Shanghai. Defendant Zhang Zhan, female, born [INTENTIONALLY DELETED], 1983 in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province, Han ethnicity, master's degree, unemployed, household registration [INTENTIONALLY DELETED], Pudong, Shanghai, residing at [INTENTIONALLY DELETED], Pudong New District, Shanghai. In August 2018, she was issued a warning by the Public Security Bureau of Hangkou, Shanghai for using the international Internet to spread incitements of subversion of state power. In April 2019, she was detained for one day by the Public Security Bureau of Pudong, Shanghai for disturbing the peace. In November 2019, she was subjected to 10 days administrative detention by the Public Security Bureau of Huangpu, Shanghai for disturbing public order. On May 15, 2020, she was taken into criminal detention by the Public Sec