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Lèse-majesté With Mainland Chinese Characteristics - Man Jailed For Insulting Xi Jinping

People's Court of Jimei, Fujian Administrative Judgment (2017) Min 0211 Administrative First No. 156 Plaintiff Feng Zhouguan, male, Han ethnicity, born October 26, 2917, residing in Zhou County, Xi'an, Shaanxi. Defendant Public Security Bureau of Xiamen, Siming Precinct, located at No. 678 Xia Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, Unified Social Credit No. 11350200004155341D. Litigation representative Huang Weidong, Director. Appearing in court to respond to the suit is Chen Zhihuang, Deputy Director. Appointed representatives Cai Jianren and Zhuang Chengpeng are staff members of the bureau. Defendant Public Security Bureau of Xiamen, located at No. 45 Xinhua Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, Unified Social Credit No. 1135020000413900XC. Appointed representative Lu Lin is a staff member of the bureau. Plaintiff Feng Zhouguan sued defendant Public Security Bureau of Xiamen, Siming Precint (hereinafter referred to as the "Siming Police Department") and Public Secu

An Early Precedent for Prosecuting "Historical Nihilists"

 For more information about how this case shaped the future of China's jurisprudence around people's expressions of views relating to deceased individuals and historical events deemed by the Communist Party of China to be beyond reproach, see "Supreme People's Court Website Explains Why Courts Found Author Guilty of Defaming Dead Heroes " . Intermediate People's Court of Guangzhou Administrative Judgment (2011) Sui Intermediate Judicial Administrative Final No. 570 Appellant (the plaintiff in the original trial ): Zhang Guanghong, residing in Guangzhou. Entrusted Counsel: Zhang Peng, Beijing Zhongyingkai Law Firm. Entrusted Counsel: Ge Yongxi, Guangdong Anguo Law Firm. Appellee (the defendant in the original trial): The Yuexiu precinct of the Public Security Bureau of Guangzhou. Location: Guangzhou. Legal representative: Cai Wei, Position: Director. Entrusted Counsel: Hu Jiaqiang a