Saturday, July 30, 2011

After Protests in Anshun Over Beating by Chengguan, Sina Weibo Censors "Anshun Chengguan"

On July 27, the state sponsored China Daily published a report entitled "Crowd Riots After Death of Vendor." Some excerpts:
The death of a vendor, who was believed to have been killed by urban management officers in Southwest China's Guizhou province on Tuesday afternoon, caused a gathering of thousands of angry local residents. The unidentified vendor died in front of the gate of a market at Nanhua Lu, Xixiu district of Anshun city, at about 1:43 pm on Tuesday, which led to the gathering of the local people, according to a statement sent to China Daily from the publicity department of Anshun. 
The statement did not give details of the cause of the vendor's death, only saying that "before the incident occurred, chengguan (urban management officers) were working in the area". According to a video clip uploaded onto the website by an unidentified netizen, a vehicle with the sign "12319" on it, the local phone number of chengguan, was destroyed and turned over in the middle of the road. Many police officers were trying to break up the angry crowd.
This screenshot was taken on July 29, and shows that search on Sina Weibo for "Anshun chengguan" (安顺 城管) returned no results, just a censorship notice.

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