Friday, March 9, 2012

Translation: Notice Regarding Launching Special Operation to Strengthen Administration Travel Services Going Abroad and Guarding Against Hong Kong's Politically Harmful Publications


Notice Regarding Launching Special Operation to Strengthen Administration Travel Services Going
Abroad and Guarding Against Hong Kong's Politically Harmful Publications

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Tourism Department Notice [2012] No. 8

To all travel agencies organizing tours abroad:

According to information from relevant government agencies, Hong Kong has now become a main source for politically harmful publishing activities, a place where a large collection of hostile organizations and hostile individuals have gathered to establish reactionary publishing and media agencies with the support and assistance of America and other Western countries. These organizations publish politically harmful publications that attack the Chinese Communist Party and the Party's leadership, attack the socialist system and judicature, news publishing and other political structures, distorting China's revolutionary history, Party history, the history of new China and the reform and opening, denigrate the Party and state leaders, promote separatism, ethnic conflict, and religious extremism and social discord, incite mass incidents, and are focused on infiltrating into mainland China. As the Party's 18th Congress approaches  Hong Kong based planning and premeditating to conduct politically harmful publishing activities is becoming increasingly active, with an increased focus on politically harmful publications targeting the 18th Party Congress, and the activities targeting mainland China are growing in intensity, and checking and countering this is extremely serious. Therefor our office hereby raises the following demands for travel agencies in our city going abroad in accordance with the Notice Regarding Launching a Special Operation to Check and Counter Hong Kong's Politically Harmful Publications issued by the Hohot Municipal "Sweep Out Pornography and Strike Down Illegal Publications" Task Force:

1. Travel agencies must strengthen their education and administration of tour leaders and tour guides, and direct those touring abroad not to purchase politically harmful publications in Hong Kong, and those travel agencies that fail in their administration will be dealt with severely in accordance with rules and discipline.

2. During their itinerary introduction meeting prior to tours departing abroad, travel agencies must conduct a special operation to emphasize, remind, and demand that tourists must not purchase or carry Hong Kong politically harmful publications, must not participate in any activities that harm the image of the Party or the government, and must behave as civilized and law-abiding tourists.

3.  If during the course of a tour abroad anything unusual occurs or a politically sensitive  incident takes place, you must take appropriate steps to handle and resolve it.

4. Municipal Travel Department contact phone number: 0471-4606516
Contact: Deng Bin

You are so notified.

March 9, 2012








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