Friday, July 6, 2012

"Relevant Agencies" Demands Forces Website Provider to Terminate Free Website Hosting

Last month the following announcement appeared on the Jimdo website:
Owing to restrictions imposed by China's laws relating to the Internet and the demands of relevant agencies, on June 27 Jimdo will officially cease all free website services for the mainland China region. We express our heartfelt apologies to Jimdo users for any inconvenience and difficulty that this may bring you. As of July 27 all free Jimdo websites will no longer be accessible. If you are a Jimdo free website customer, you may:

1. Between June 27 and July 27, you may make a one time payment of 99 renminbi to retain your website's operation and accessibility on a permanent basis.

2. Between June 27 and July 27, you may upgrade you website to a professional or business edition, and retain your website's operation and accessibility on a permanent basis.

According to the Jimdo website:
Jimdo puts the power of website creation in the hands of ordinary people. Anyone can share their passions and interests on the Internet -- on their own website -- simply and easily. Jimdo is free, and you don't need to know how to code or run a server to have a website. And not just any old website! You can start an online business, write a blog, send a newsletter, add your tweets, embed YouTube videos, link your Facebook Page, and embed almost any kind of widget you can imagine. Jimdo is a website creator for today's web.

Our motto is "Pages to the People!" -- because we are empowering every single person on the planet to make their voice heard. Whether you're young or old, coffee connoisseur or tea aficionado, Twitterati or literati, shutterbug, musician, student, crafter, or entrepreneur, there's a place for you at Jimdo.

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