Monday, December 17, 2012

Government Withdraws Inciting Subversion Charge Against Chen Pingfu

Court decision granting leave to withdraw
the indictment against Chen Pingfu.
On June 27, 2012, public security officials in Lanzhou placed Chen Pingfu (陈平福) under residential surveillance on suspicion of inciting subversion of state power.

On August 14, 2012, the Lanzhou People's Procurotorate filed an indictment against Chen with the  Lanzhou Intermediate People's Court. According to the indictment:
From July 2007 to March 20012, defendant Chen Pingfu did on various occasions register blogs and microblogs under the name Chen Pingfu on Wangyi, Baidu, Sohu, Mtime, Sina, Tianya and other web sites, and published and republished 34 articles . . . stating that Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Three Represents, and the Scientific Development Concept did not offer any benefits to society; that the Communist Party's governance knows only the suppression of the people and will not allow people to have a livelihood; that the current political system is insufficiently democratic; that democratic constitutionalism should be put into practice; and other viewpoints intended to incite.
According to Procurator Wang Hailong (王海龙) Chen's actions were illegal because they constituted "dissemination of speech attacking the Party and the government, vilifying and libeling the state regime and the socialist system."

A full translation of the Indictment is available here:

According to a document posted on Sina Weibo, on December 13, 2012, the Lanzhou Procuratorate filed a motion to withdraw the Indictment and dismiss the charge of inciting subversion of state power against Chen. The Court issued a decision affirming the motion on December 14.

The following is a translation of one of Chen's essays that the Procuratorate listed in its indictment. The text was taken from a blog on the website, which is operated by the State Council Information Office:

I Can No Longer Suffer Humiliation in Silence

After reading my blog posts, a small number of Internet users have said that I'm mentally unbalanced, too extreme, too depressed, too negative . . . there are also some friends who say that I must have been on the receiving end of some provocation that led me to write such "extreme" things. These friends have got it right!

Five years ago, I was destitute because of illness and could not sit at home waiting to die, of absolutely no use to anyone, that might not count as any real provocation. This was all just the fault of my family being impoverished, and the goal of hospitals is to make money, and anyway this kind of thing happens all the time, its incredibly common.

Finding myself at an impasse, I was forced to perform my violin on the streets of Lanzhou, whereupon Lanzhou Public Security's roving "law enforcers" pressed me to ground and forcibly detained me, the Lanzhou Aid Station arrested me, and several beasts grabbed me by my limbs and threw me into an iron cage in a prison van - that kind of experience is not a provocation! One law abiding citizen who, because his life has trapped him, is forced to wander the streets busking, to be repeatedly subjected to a hundred kinds of humiliation by Party and government agents. This is why I can no longer silently bear humiliation, why I have become this "extreme." For the average homeless person this kind of humiliation is nothing, but to a person who is ill with heart disease, this kind of humiliation and mental irritation is fatal. Each time I was subjected to the humiliation of violent detention by government agents I would suppress my anger, but it was still difficult to control my increasing heart rate, and feel the end of my own life approaching as my heart beat sped up. But every time my life reached this critical juncture, I would always look to the heavens, and pray silently in my heart, asking God for peace and tranquility. I have survived difficult times, and each time difficulties would reach their apex, I would receive God's tender touch, and the crisis would pass. At the crux I would always implore God to forgive those slaves, that it was not the fault of the enslaved thugs, that it was the Party and the government who had forbade busking, who did not permit seeking this "illegal" livelihood, who did not permit the destitute to eat this "illegal" food. This gang of thugs was only carrying out the orders of their superiors, these beasts did not know they were doing evil, they only knew that they were "enforcing the law!"  Perhaps it truly is the end of days, where executive power is unchecked, these slaves abuse their power and influence, and are capable of every evil  act imaginable. With no faith, no belief, and no morality, these government thugs will, in order to fulfill the mission given by their masters, wantonly trample on human rights, by any means necessary, with no concern for any consequences. Compared to those who have burned themselves to death when their homes were demolished, I'm actually quite fortunate.

Each time my life has reached a critical juncture, I have comforted myself, calmed myself as the Bible teaches. I live despite calamities, and cannot die like that in vain. I simply look back on my own life, and discover I have lived half my life for nothing, having not done one single thing of real value or meaning. I can no longer suffer humiliation in silence, so I constantly ponder, breaking through cultural despotism by reading broadly, letting my thoughts wander thorugh a broader world, striving to make myself better able to write blogs with a bit of power.

The major Communist countries around the world have already cast off the shackles of the evil teachings of Communism, and have begun to walk the path of national awareness and revitalization. But our government still forces students and scholars to study some theories on special characteristics. I hope the country will turn peacefully toward democracy, I hope that the people will wake up, I hope that the Chinese people's traditional culture and the nation's constitutional system can soon be rebuilt, I hope that I might avoid oppression and be free to pursue my livelihood, I hope that I might follow my own artistic pursuits. The stale rhetoric of Marxism and Leninism has long since been cast aside by the average Chinese, Party papers and magazines have lost their readership. That is the strongest proof. 

The government prohibits busking, secret pronouncements trump the law, and are not subject to any legal restraint whatsoever. The law is whatever the leadership says it is, and politics is whatever they say it is. This society is lacking any normal political process or order, and is devoid of any political principles or morals. Politics cares nothing for the suffering or pleas of the people, and is entirely subject to the whims of the leaders and their ever-changing rhetoric. Given this exceedingly abnormal political system, power is everything, connections determine everything, and society brims with vicious struggles for personal gain. Corrupt officials embezzle billions, and those who serve the people can legally spend public funds like water without oversight or criticism, security forces can legally plunder the goods from the merchants' shops and the fruits from the farmers' fields. The destitute are forbidden to earn an "illegal" livelihood" eat an "illegal" meal. This is not a society in which any normal personal can survive.

The Great and Merciful Buddha enlightens humanity to do good works, shake off this mortal coil, and returns humanity to a state of original grace. The thugs of the Marxist atheist government do their evil under the banner of "law enforcement," and the more evil they do, the more evil they become.









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