Monday, September 29, 2014

Sina Weibo Begins Censoring "Hong Kong Students," "Scholarism," and "Joshua Wong"

At around 2:00 am on September 28, the state sponsored Global Times published an article entitled “Over 60 Arrested in HK Protests.” Some excerpts:
A demonstration in Hong Kong by members of student protest groups the Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism on Friday night resulted in the arrest of over 60 people.
At around 10 pm on Friday night, during a week-long boycott of classes, hundreds of students stormed into Civil Square, a sealed off public space next to the government headquarters, while thousands of protesters had gathered outside in support of the students.
The leader of the Scholarism group, 17-year-old student Joshua Wong Chi-fung, was denied bail on Saturday after being charged with trespassing on government-controlled property, breaching the peace and engaging in illegal protest.
These screenshots show that, within the 24 hours after the publication of the Global Times piece, Sina Weibo began censoring “Scholarism,” (学民思潮) “Joshua Wong Chi-fung (黃之鋒),” and “Hong Kong Students” (香港 学生).

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