China’s Schools Delete Notices Ordering Them to Nominate Internet Propagandists

On May 15, 2015, a notice entitled “Notice Regarding Recommending Backbone Internet Commentators and Backbone Freelance 50 Centers” (关于推荐骨干网评员、骨干“自干五”的通知) was posted on the Mianyang Normal University (绵阳师范学院) website. The Notice, issued by the Communist Party Propaganda Department, ordered the school to  recommend three instructors and students with “a reliable political stance” to “engage in online public opinion guidance.” 

The screenshot below shows the notice as it appeared before it was deleted.

Original URL: (Note: at the time of this posting it appears that page contains malware).

These screenshots show similar notices that were posted on (and subsequently deleted from) the websites of the Sichuan Medical College (四川医科大学) and the A Ba Teachers University (阿坝师范学院).

These screenshots show the A Ba notice was removed from the list of notices on the school's Propaganda Department's web page between June 8 and June 14, 2015.

Here is the full text of the Mianyang Normal University notice.
Notice Regarding Recommending Backbone Internet Commentators and Backbone Freelance 50 Centers 
Issue Time: 2015-5-15 Browsed 1,738 Times 
All General Party Branches, Subordinate Party Branches, and On-Campus Work Units:
In order to increase the speed at which the greater Internet public opinion is formed, carry out online public opinion work, comprehensively carry implement the rule of law in online spaces, comprehensively build a well-off society, comprehensively deepen reforms, comprehensively rule the nation in accordance with law, comprehensively implement Party discipline, put into effect the "Three Grand Development Strategies," push forward the "Two Great Leaps," and create a good online public opinion environment, in accordance with the requirements of the State Internet Information Office's "Online Public Opinion Guidance Task Force 2015 Work Execution Plan" and the provincial Department of Education's "Notice Regarding Recommending Backbone Internet Commentators and Backbone Freelance 50 Centers" you are hereby notified of the following matters regarding recommending our schools' online commentators. 
1. Recommendation Criteria 
(i) Possess a reliable political stance, be a model of complying with the Constitution and laws, and supportive of the Communist Party's leaders and path of Socialism with Chinese characteristics. 
(ii) Possess exceptional political qualities, strong professional work capabilities, relative competence in writing, outstanding professional and scholastic achievements, and a certain degree of academic influence and social notoriety. 
(iii) Possess a professional work style and good personal character, and voluntarily commit not to use their status as an online commentator to seek any commercial or other inappropriate benefits on behalf of themselves or any organization. 
(iv) Possess Internet communication skills, familiarity with the special characteristics of Internet communication, and the ability to compose essays, field interviews, and offer suggestions and opinions regarding online commentary work on regular basis. 
2. Recommendation Quotas 
(i) Each work unit shall recommend one instructor and one student to act as backbone Internet commentators (secondary schools with students to participate in the recommendation). 
(ii) Each work unit shall recommend one backbone "freelance fifty center," which can be either an instructor or a student. 
3. Work Methodology 
(i) Backbone Internet commentators and backbone "freelance fifty centers" will compose commentary, field interviews, and regularly engage in online public opinion guidance work. 
(ii) Encourage backbone Internet commentators and backbone "freelance fifty centers" to open Weibo and Weixin accounts, and repost their works in a timely manner. 
(iii) Backbone Internet commentators and backbone "freelance fifty centers" will help the provincial Department of Education and schools organize online public opinion guidance. The provincial Department of Education will utilize administrative measures, technical measures, and market forces to popularize famous experts and discussion forums. 
4. Recommendation Requirements 
Backbone Internet commentators and backbone "freelance fifty centers" have an impact on safeguarding the State's overall information security, so it is asked that the Party secretaries for each General Party Branch and Subordinate Party Branch take primary responsibility, and approach this with a high degree of political awareness to actively organize, strictly oversee, and earnestly recommend. Send electronic and hard copies of the recommendation form (signed and chopped by the responsible person) to, care of Cai Wenting, telephone: 1388111164 (extension 61864) before May 21. 
Attachment: Backbone Internet Commentator and Backbone Freelance Fifty Center Recommendation Form.doc 
(Note: "Bring Your Own Food Fifty Center" is abbreviated to "Freelance Fifty Center." This term refers to those people who voluntarily work to counter defamatory rumors by posting rational and coherent data and information to poke holes in the falsehoods and win over the majority of the masses who don't understand the true situation. They do their part as positive social forces, and act as patriotic Internet users and cheerleaders for China's development.) 
Communist Party Propaganda Department
May 15, 2015


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