Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baidu, Sina, Tencent Search Results for "Xu Jinbo" - Man Who Died in Police Custody

On December 13, 2011, the state sponsored Global Times published an article entitled “Villager Detention Death Scrutinized.” Some excerpts:
A villager, who once led a demonstration in a village in Guangdong Province, died in detention on Sunday.

Some villagers suspect that he was beaten to death, but a local hospital said he died of cardiac arrest.

Xue Jinbo, 42, a villager from Wukan, Lufeng died two days after he was detained. The local government said Xue suddenly felt in pain and after emergency resuscitation failed was pronounced dead at Yihui Foundation Hospital in Shanwei on Saturday, according to Guangdong-based

In a timely fashion after Xue's death, leaders from the local government informed his family and comforted them. They also invited the local medical department as the third party to check the treatment process, the report said.

However, some villagers disagreed with the government's conclusions.

 "Xue was tortured to death," a 21-year-old villager, surnamed Zhang, from Wukan told the Global Times yesterday.
These screenshots were taken on December 14, 2011, and show that Baidu, Sina Weibo, and Tencent Weibo were censoring searches for “Xue Jingo” (薛锦波).

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