Friday, December 16, 2011

Certain Provisions on the Administration of Micro-Blog Development

Beijing Municipal Government Information Office, Public Security Bureau, Communications Administration, and Internet Information Office jointly issued the "Certain Provisions on the Administration of Micro-Blog Development" on December 16, 2011. 

Certain Provisions on the Administration of Micro-Blog Development

Article 1. These provisions are enacted in order to regulate the development of micro-blog management, maintenance, network communication order, information security, protection of Internet information services unit and micro-blog user's legal rights, to meet the public demand for information on the Internet, to promote healthy and orderly development of the Internet, according to the "PRC Telecommunications Regulations," "Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Services," and other laws, regulations, rules, combined with the actual situation of the city.

Article 2. All websites launching micro-blog services and micro-blog users in the city's administrative area shall comply with these regulations.

Article 3. The development of management of this city's micro-blogs is conditioned upon the principles of active usage, scientific development, administration in accordance with the law, and ensuring security, in order to promote the building, utilization, and giving expression to a positive role for micro-blog services in the community.

Article 4. Websites that launch micro-blog services shall abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations, and rules, and operate in a sincere, honest, and civilized manner, actively spread the core values of the socialist system, disseminate socialist advanced culture, and build a socialist harmonious society.