Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liaoyuan Daily Swaps Story on Party Circular on Ideology For Pictures of Moms (and Related Censorship)

Images of PDF versions of the Liaoyuan Daily front page
showing the article on the Party Circular was
replaced with a story about Mother's Day.

On May 9, 2013, the web site of the Chongqing Construction Committee (重庆市城乡建设委员会) published an article entitled "Hold High the Flag, Remain Resolute, and Maintain Unanimity with the Party Central Committee" (高举旗帜 坚定信心 坚决同党中央保持高度一致). Some excerpts:
On May 8, 2013, the Party leadership groups for various local construction committees convened a meeting to expand study of the central organization, the specific topic being the study of the Communist Party Central Committee Working Office's publication of the "Circular Regarding the Status of the Current Ideological Realm" (the "Circular"). The meeting was lead by the Party group secretary and director Cheng Zhiyi.
. . . .
At the same time, central authorities have undertaken in-depth analysis and a steadfast attitude toward the seven outstanding issues that are worth paying attention to in the current ideological realm, and have a clearer understanding of the acuteness and complexity of the struggle for the ideological realm. 
The meeting called on Communist Party committees at all levels to fully appreciate the significance of strengthening work in the ideological realm, fully comprehend the threat posed by the propagation of Western values and ideas, fully comprehend the importance of vigorously propagandizing "stand up," "get rich," and "grow strong," and fully comprehend the urgent need to use scientific theories and advanced culture to educate Party cadres. 
First, strengthen leadership and fulfill responsibilities. The Committee system and Party Committees at all levels must make ideological work an important part of their daily agenda, and regularly analyze and discuss newly developing circumstances in the ideological realm, handle them in a timely and effective manner, and safeguard and handle all types of contradictions in the ideological realm. 
Second, show good leadership and distinguish between right and wrong. Increase the instructive power of socialism with Chinese characteristics, always maintain ideological clarity and political steadfastness. When it comes to political principles and what is right and what is wrong, the Party Committee system and Party cadres must wave the flag and have a staunch attitude with respect to what to support and what to oppose. In ideology, politics, and deed, maintain a high degree of unanimity with Comrade Xi Jinping as the General Secretary of the Party Central Committee. 
Third, hold the line and strengthen management. The Party system upholds the principles of territoriality and whoever has authority bears responsibility, one level oversees another, and each level decides what needs to be done. Strengthen administration over propaganda on the cultural battlefield, and constantly improve and effectively deploy administrative systems, cut off channels for the dissemination of incorrect ideological trends and speech at the source. Strengthen administration of the Internet,  improve guidance of public opinion, purify the Internet environment, and do not give bad elements any opportunity. 
. . . .
These screenshots show that the article was subsequently deleted.

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On May 10, 2013, the state-sponsored Liaoyuan Daily (辽源日报)published an article on its front page entitled "City Party Organization Department Move Quickly to Implement the Spirit of the 'Circular Regarding the Status of the Current Ideological Realm' and the 'Jilin: Innovate and Navigate for Rapid Development' Notices" (市委组织部迅速贯彻落实《关于当前意识形态领域情况的通报》及《吉林:创新领航催振兴》通讯精神). Some excerpts:
We must show initiative in strengthening four types of awareness: political awareness, situational awareness, responsibility awareness, and concern awareness. We must be steadfast in our political faith. Utilize instruction of Party cadres through belief eduction and Party education to shore up ideal beliefs, strive to increase people's ability to differentiate between what is ideologically right and wrong.
. . . .
We must strictly observe political discipline. In ideology, politics, and deed maintain a high degree of unanimity with the Party Central Committee.
. . . .
We must reinforce and strengthen administration over the propaganda battlefield. Make every effort to strengthen leadership over ideology work, educate and guide cadres at every level of city leadership to "toe the line," fully comprehend the protracted, complex and acute nature of strengthening propaganda ideology work, make ideological work an important part of the daily agenda, regularly analyze and discuss it, and handle it in a timely and effective manner. We must strengthen education and guidance of Party members and cadres so they can clearly distinguish between what is right and wrong when comes to ideolgy, strictly enforce political discipline, and always maintain a high degree of unanimity with the Party Central Committee. Earnestly implement the principles of whoever has authority bears responsibility and of territoriality, and courageously undertake your responsibility to do your duty to defend your country's territory with respect to the sensitive incidents and complex problems in the ideological realm. 
. . . .
. . . .
These screenshots show that the story was subsequently replaced with a photo captioned "Once again another Mother's Day is upon us, and on May 9, 2013, the Dongfeng County Women's Federation and the Dongfeng County Red Cross joined up to hold an activity entitled "Mothers' In Need, Love Delivers Tenderness," to distribute packages to mothers." (在一年一度的母亲节即将到来之际,东丰县妇联与东丰县红十字会于2013年5月9日会举办“情系贫困母亲、爱心传递温暖”暨母亲邮包发放仪式活动。)

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These screenshots were taken on May 13, and show that both Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo were censoring searches for "Circular Regarding the Status of the Current Ideological Realm" (关于当前意识形态领域情况的通报 - also known as "Document No. 9" 九号文件).

Translation: Huang Xuqin and Wang Jianbing Inciting Subversion Indictment

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