Thursday, March 13, 2014

Watch: Reports of Wang Qishan Complaining About Formalistic Speeches Disappear

Report on prior to
it being deleted.
On March 11, 2014, several of China’s state run media outlets published a report entitled “Wang
Qishan Tells Jilin Party Secretary to ‘Cut It’: Don’t Read of a Script Formalistically!” (王岐山“叫停”吉林省委书记念稿:形式主义别念了!). According to these reports, Wang Qishan, head of the Communist Party’s internal discipline commission and one of seven members of the party’s Politburo Standing Committee, interrupted Jilin party secretary Wang Rulin (王儒林) in the middle of his reading a speech saying: “Make it short!” (讲短点). According to these reports Wang Rulin replied “I may not be able to shorten it,” to which Wang Qishan responded:
Just now I didn’t have a script, so how is it that you knew and printed out so much ahead of time? Isn’t this just formalism? There’s no need for you to keep reading!
These screenshots show that Sina Weibo began censoring searches for "Wang Qishan Jilin Party Secretary" (王岐山 吉林省委书记) within hours of the report's publication.

This video shows Baidu search results for that phrase. Although Baidu returned search results, it  restricted results to China-based web sites, and clicking on the results shows that the report had been deleted from every site.

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