Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baidu Bans PostBar Forums on “64” and “1989”

According to Baidu, its “PostBar” (Tieba 贴吧) forum is “ the world’s first and largest Chinese-language query-based searchable online community platform.”

These screenshots show that, while Baidu has allowed users to establish communities to discuss “63” and “65,” users searching for forums “64” are told: “Apologies, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and policies, this forum cannot be opened at this time.” (抱歉,根据相关法律法规和政策,本吧暂不开放。)

These screenshots show Baidu has similarly banned forums on “Tiananmen” (天安门), 1989, and “Student Movement” (学运).

Translation: Xu Zhiyong's Statement in His Own Defense

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