Monday, November 10, 2014

Deleted China Daily Report Says Facebook, YouTube Refuse to Delete Terror Material. Here’s How Baidu and Others Handle It

On October 2, 2014, the state sponsored China Daily published an article entitled “Facebook, YouTube Refuse to Delete Terror Material.” Some excerpts:
In a campaign aimed at cracking down on online content with porn, scams, terrorism and violence, the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center received complaints about videos that promote jihad from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement - part of an international terrorism network listed by the United Nations Security Council - in the world's largest tech and social media websites including Facebook and YouTube. 
Facebook and YouTube have made little effort to delete such information and hardly any content has been removed since its report of these gruesome videos, said the organization under the Internet Society of China.
. . . .
Wang Xin, an analyst from the Internet Society of China, said sophisticated strategies used by terrorist groups should prompt government departments to work even closer with social media companies. 
However, since Facebook and YouTube have been blocked by China's firewall, improving their relationship with the Chinese government may not be easy.
As these screenshots show, that report was subsequently deleted from the China Daily website.

The report published by the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center (中国互联网违法和不良信息举报中心) was entitled “Complaint Center September 2014 Complaint Processing Status — Foremost Cases Involving Obscene Pornography, Fraud, and Online Rumormongering Reports” (举报中心2014年9月举报受理情况——淫秽色情、诈骗和网络谣言举报量位居前列). An excerpt:
Internet users have reported that overseas websites including Facebook and Youtube disseminated violent terrorist harmful information, and published terrorist videos propagating "Jihad" from the "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" terrorist organization. After this was passed on by the Reporting Center, the response from these two websites on this harmful information was slow, and their removal rate was low. The Reporting Center denounces the passive approach Facebook, Youtube, and other websites have adopted with respect to violent terrorist information reported by Internet users.  Besides this, domestic websites such as RenRen, IronBlood, and Ziling also disseminated terrorist harmful information, and the reporting center notified the relevant websites to remove 78 items of harmful information on their websites suspected of being violent terroristic. 
The following screenshots were taken on October 13, 2014, and show search results on various China-based Internet video services for “East Turkestan” (东突).

Baidu tells users that search results are censored. The first 17 results
are from the official state sponsored television broadcaster.
The remaining three results are from other state run media outlets.

Ku6 tells users it is unable to find any results. 
Soku tells users that search results may relate to illegal content and
cannot be displayed.

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