Thursday, November 6, 2014

Translation: Self-Discipline Commitment Letter on Administration of Discussion and Commentary

Self-Discipline Commitment Letter on Administration of Discussion and Commentary

In order to thoroughly implement the rule-the-country-with-law spirit of the Fourth Plenum of the 18th  Party Congress and fulfill the requirements of the State Internet Information Office of "operating the Internet in accordance with the law, managing the Internet in accordance with the law, going online in accordance with the law," this website hereby publicly makes the following commitments in order to perfect administration of discussion and commentary self-discipline:

1. As used herein, discussion and commentary services refers to using online interactive publishing technology platforms to provide services to allow users to publicize comments and opinions about any kind of information published on this website (including without limitation voice, text, images, audio, and video information).

2. This website will endeavor to ensure that views exchanged in comments and opinions are civil, rational, amicable, and of high quality. While encouraging the development of comments and opinions, it will ceaselessly strengthen related information security management capabilities, perfect self-discipline for comments and opinions, thoroughly carry out its social responsibilities, respect the nation's laws and regulations, respect the legal rights and interests of citizens, and respect social order and common decency.

3. This website will insist upon users registering their accounts with real identity information when utilizing commenting and opinion services.

4. This website commits, and will require of its users, that utilization of commenting and opinion services shall voluntarily obey and shall not violate the "Seven Bottom Lines" of Laws and Regulations, the Socialist System, the National Interest, Citizens' Legal Rights and Interests, Social Order, Moral Norms, and Factual Information.

5. This website commits, and will require of its users, that the following information shall not be published:

(i) violating the basic principles of the Constitution;
(ii) jeopardizing national security, divulging state secrets, subverting the government, undermining national unity;
(iii) harming national honor and interests;
(iv) inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining ethnic unity;
(v) inciting regional bias or regional hatred;
(vi) violating state religion policies or propagating cults and feudal superstitions;
(vii) spreading rumors, disturbing social order, or undermining social stability;
(viii) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or instigating crimes;
(ix) insulting or libeling others or infringing on other people's legal rights and interests;
(x) intimidating or threatening others, conducting online vigilantism;
(xi) publicizing private information of anyone under the age of 18 without the written authorization from their legal guardian;
(xii) spreading filthy speech or harming social order or the public good;
(xiii) infringing on the intellectual property of others;
(xiv) spreading commercial advertisements or similar commercial solicitation information;
(xv) using language other than the language normally used to make comments on this website;
(xvi) information completely unrelated to the information being commented upon;
(xvii) information that is completely meaningless or using words intended to deliberately circumvent technical screening measures;
(xix) containing information prohibited under other laws and administrative regulations.

6. With respect to users who violate the foregoing commitments, this website shall, based on the circumstances, undertake administrative measures including issuing a warning, blocking publication, deleting posts, temporarily suspending commenting, or permanently shutting down accounts. With respect to those cases involving comments and opinions that violate the law, its shall retain information and make timely reports when subjected to investigation by relevant government agencies.

7. This website commits that it shall improve public reporting platforms, and welcome users oversight to report all kinds of illegal publishing activities and illegal harmful information in order to build clean and bright Internet spaces together.





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