Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Translation: Ding Jiaxi's Appeal Petition

 Appeal Petition

Appellant: Ding Jiaxi

Appeal Request: Acquittal

Grounds for Appeal:

This trial has nothing to do with evidence or the law. This trial is a naked political persecution. It is an attempt to suppress the efforts of citizens to fight for their rights, to suppress the awakening of the Chinese people's awareness of their rights, and to block the process of China realizing a civil society in order to maintain the privileges of a dictatorship and the groups with a vested interest in it.

For more than 70 years, the Chinese people have had only limited personal rights and property rights. These rights have been subject to various restrictions and may be violated, infringed, or even eliminated at any time. The key is that they have no political rights, which are completely monopolized by others. The Chinese people have no rights to speech, publication, association, assembly, procession, demonstration, strike, election, etc. All political rights have always been controlled by others. This is the root of all of China's problems.

In order to fundamentally solve China's problems, we must seek a political solution. This political solution is social transformation, that is, from a one-party dictatorship and an individual's lifelong dictatorship to freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. The goal of social transformation is: the people of China should enjoy personal rights, property rights, and political rights equally, fully and completely, the construction of a social system based on the protection of citizens' rights, the complete elimination of the privileges of others, allowing the people of China live in the sunshine of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, where everyone can fully display their talents, thus transforming an ancient civilization and ensuring that China becomes a great country.

The day when the people fully enjoy their rights will be the day when the privileges of others are abolished. This is something they are absolutely unwilling to do, and they are deliberately delaying the arrival of this day. It has been a quarter of a century since the signing of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and yet they still refuse to ratify it. They are well aware of all the rights that the Chinese people should enjoy, but they absolutely do not want the Chinese people to enjoy those inherent rights. They are afraid of citizens actually having those rights, they ferociously suppress all kinds of progressive forces, and frantically persecute the participants. I was put on trial  because I was working hard to fight for the rights of citizens. The entire trial process, from the secret arrest, the secret detention, the secret court sessions, to their torture to extract confessions and accusations, was just a concrete example of their wanton trampling on civil rights. The judgment is at best an ugly specimen of the "Classic of Luo Zhi."*

I am on trial not because I am guilty, but because I did the right thing. History will render its own judgment. Everything I do is in accord with the spirit of the law, with the values of freedom and justice, and with my inner conscience.

I am innocent.


High People's Court of Shandong

Appellant: Ding Jiaxi

April 17, 2023

*Lai Junchen, the author of "Classic of Luo Zhi," was a Tang Dynasty official. He falsely accused and framed important court officials and princes, and his book unapologetically describes various insidious means that can be employed to fabricate crimes and frame the innocent.















Source: @luoshch Twitter account, https://twitter.com/luoshch/status/1666770298832662534.

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