Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The New York Times' 2012 Report on Wen Jiabao's Family Wealth - Qihoo, Sogou, and Yahoo Censorship

Following up on previous posts about newly imposed censorship, as well as Sina Weibo and Baidu censorship, of information relating to New York Times August 26 article entitled "Billions in Hidden Riches for Family of Chinese Leader" (总理家人隐秘的财富), here are some examples of related censorship by other major websites in China.

On October 26, searches for the names of Wen Jiabao's mother (Yang Zhiyun 杨志云),
son (Wen Yunsong 温云松), and wife (Zhang Beli 张蓓莉) on Qihoo return no results,
just a censorship notice.
At some time between October 26 and October 30, Sogou began censoring
searches for the Chinese title of the New York Times article.
A comparison of search results for "New York Times" in Chinese on October 27. only returns results from a whitelist of about a dozen
websites operated by the government and the Party. shows the New York Times home page
as its top result.
A comparison of search results for "Wen Yunsong Ma Mingzhe" (温云松  马明哲)
on October 27. returns no results, just a censorship notice. finds over 23,000 results.
Ma is the chairman of Ping An Insurance.

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