Saturday, April 12, 2014

After Court Affirms Xu Zhiyong’s Conviction, New Citizens Movement Web Site Disappears From Baidu Search Results

On April 12, 2014, the state sponsored Global Times reported that “A Beijing court on Friday [April 11] rejected the appeal of Chinese activist Xu Zhiyong who was given a four-year sentence in prison for assembling a crowd to disrupt order in public places.”

These screenshots show that, on the morning of April 11, 2014, the top search result for "" was the website of the New Citizens Movement, of which Xu was one of the founders. Several hours later Baidu tells users performing  same search for that URL “That URL Was Not Found” (没有找到该URL).

Before it disappeared from Baidu’s search results, the snippet of the top search result read:
New Citizens Movement
The New Citizens Movement website is now online. And our colleagues in Beijing: Xu Zhiyong, Ding Jiaxi, Zhao Changqing . . .
新公民运动 New Citizens Movement
新公民运动网站上线了。 而在线下,在北京,我们的新公民同仁:许志永、丁家喜、赵常
This is not the first time that information relating to Xu Zhiyong has disappeared from Baidu and other China-based web sites:

Translation: Xu Zhiyong's Statement in His Own Defense

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