Thursday, May 5, 2016

Party Puts Ren Zhiqiang on One Year Probation for Online Posts

On March 1, 2016 the state sponsored China Daily published an article entitled “Beijing CPC Committee Vows Punishment for Ren Zhiqiang.” Some excerpts:
A Beijing district committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) pledged severe intraparty penalties for Ren Zhiqiang, a celebrity blogger and property developer whose accounts were closed for allegedly spreading illegal information.

The Xicheng district committee of the CPC on Monday issued a circular saying Ren, "as a CPC member, has been releasing illegal information and making inappropriate comments online, resulting in a vile influence and damage to the party image."

The committee, where Ren's CPC membership is registered and managed, said it would punish him strictly according to party rules.
On March 4, 2016, the official website of the Beijing Xicheng District government published a notice entitled "The Fourth Party Branch of Beijing Xicheng's Department of Security Oversight Launches Study Project on Party Political Discipline and Political Norm Compliance" (西城区安全监管局第四党支部开展遵守党的政治纪律和政治规矩专题学习). Here is a full translation:
Recently, the Fourth Party Branch of Beijing Xicheng's Department of Security Oversight launched study project on Party political discipline and political norm compliance. They communicated the major themes of the "Beijing Xicheng Party Central Committee Notice Regarding Correctly Recognizing Ren Zhiqiang's Severe Discipline Issues, and in addition organized study sessions of the "Central Party's Eight Rules," "Chinese Communist Party Standards for Honesty and Self-discipline," and "Regulations on Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Sanctions." Through these study sessions, vast numbers of cadres were abel to correctly recognize the problems associated with Ren Zhiqiang's severe violations of Party political discipline, draw lessons from the instruction, and learn a great deal. Their consciousness of discipline compliance and norm compliance was strengthened, particularly as it relates to insisting upon prioritizing the Party political discipline and political norms, remaining steadfastly idealistic, and maintaining a firm political stance, building a firm political conciseness, and an awareness of the overall situation, the bottom lines, the model behaviors, and the red wall [N.B. - a reference to Zhongnanhai], as well as the need to maintain a high degree of consistency with the central Party in their thoughts, politics, and deeds.

In early May 2016, the same website published an undated notice entitled "Beijing Xicheng District Central Committee Issues Notice on the Status of Cases Involving Four Incidents of Party Cadre's Discipline Violation" (西城区委通报4起党员干部违纪案件处理情况). An excerpt:
Comrade Ren Zhiqiang, former chairman and deputy Party secretary of the Huayuan Group did, on several occasions, publicly post erroneous statements in micro-blogs, blogs, and other online platforms and public venues that went against the four basic principles and the Party line. His actions severely violated Party political discipline, and it is hereby decided that Ren Zhiqiang shall be placed on Party probation for one year.

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