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Translation: New York Times v. Sullivan with PRC Characteristics

Intermediate People's Court of Yulin, Shaanxi Administrative Decision (2020) Shaan 08 Administrative Final No. 521 Translator's Summary: The court found that police did not violate Yuan's rights when they subjected him to administrative detention for reposting an article to his personal social media accounts that police determined defamed a Communist Party cadre. The court held that as a journalist Yuan had a duty to verify the contents of the article. Appellant (plaintiff in the original trial) Yuan Jianmeng, male, born [INTENTIONALLY OMITTED], 1982, Han ethnicity, born in Taiyuan, Shanxi, residing in Yingze District, Taiyuan. Entrusted representative Zhang Jinzhen is a lawyer at the Shanxi Wenying Law Firm. Appellee (defendant in the original trial) Public Security Bureau of Yulin, Hengshan Division.Address: Shaanxi Yulin, Huancheng North Road, Hengshan District, Unified Social Credit Code: 1161080001******. Legal representative He Guoyu, director. Person in charge of the