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COVID-19 Series: "This is Our Last Generation"

A video began circulating on May 12, 2022 showing police threatening a couple that failure to cooperate with COVID policies will "follow you for three generations." A man is heard replying "This is our last generation, thank you." More here: " Shanghai couple says 'we're the last generation' when rejecting quarantine camp ": The video on Twitter reportedly shows a police officer notifying a couple that they must enter a quarantine camp or face demerits on their record that will last for "three generations." The man rejects his threats and replies "we are the last generation." These screenshots were taken on May 15, and show that a search for "This is our last generation" on Bing video returned several results with copies of the video, while the same search on Baidu video returned no results for that video. The video is sensitive, not only because it shows PRC citizens standing up to authority, but also because the