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Xu Zhiyong's Statement at His Final Appeal

 On November 24, 2023, former PRC civil rights lawyer Teng Biao posted the following statement: In the cases of lawyers #Xuzhiyong and #Dingjiaxi, the Shandong High Court just announced its second-instance judgment, rejecting the appeal and upholding the original judgment. 14 years for Xu and the 12 years for Ding.  The Council of the Bar Associations in Europe (CCBE) awarded this year’s Human Rights Award to imprisoned human rights lawyers Zou Xingtong, Xu Zhiyong, and Ding Jiaxi.  Two days from now it will also be the first anniversary of the White Paper Movement. Dr. Xu Zhiyong said loudly when he arrived at the court that it was almost dawn and the Communist Party only had a few days left. After that he was restrained. When the judge read out the ruling, Dr. Xu said: Ridiculous! He also knew he had won the European Bar Association’s Human Rights Award. #许志永 和 #丁家喜 律师案,山东高院刚刚二审宣判,驳回上诉,维持原判。许14年,丁12年。 欧洲律师协会委员会(CCBE)将本年度的人权奖颁给在囚的人权律师邹幸彤丶许志永及丁家喜。 两天后也是白纸运动一周年 许志永博士在到达法庭时大声说,天快要亮了,共产党没

From the Archives: Censorship of "Civil Society"

Recently I've been reviewing my archives of screenshots illustrating Internet censorship in the PRC. I've got images going back to 2008, and one of the most interesting things to me is to find screenshots showing what was NOT being censored back then, but is being censored now. For example, the screenshot below  was taken on January 12, 2011, and shows that a search on Baidu for "Civil Society" (公民社会) returned results from a variety of sources including social media ( is Baidu's "PostBar" forum website) and overseas websites ( is the website of National Chengzhi University in Taiwan). The following image was taken on November 14, 2023, and shows that the same search on Baidu now only returns results from a whitelist of websites under the direct control of the PRC central government and Communist Party.  The following screenshot shows the same restricted results on the last page of Baidu's search results. The following screen