Tuesday, April 30, 2013

News Sites Delete Story About Jia Jiuxiang, Official Who Died in Communist Party Custody

On April 25, 2013, the state-sponsored Global Times published an English language article entitled "Official Dies in Custody, Family Wants Answers." An excerpt:
The family of a senior court official from the city of Sanmenxia (三门峡), Henan Province who died Tuesday while being detained by the city's commission for discipline inspection, said his body was bruised and is demanding a thorough investigation.
Jia Jiuxiang (贾九翔), who was vice president of the Sanmenxia City Intermediate People's Court, was detained on April 12 and died 11 days later after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.
The court and the commission declined to discuss Jia's cause of death or reveal why he was in custody when reached by the Global Times.
Jia's son, Jia Tianran, told the Global Times that he believes his father was tortured and beaten to death, as his father's body was covered with bruises and his wrists showed signs of being tightly bound.
On April 24, the print edition of the state-sponsored Beijing Times published an article entitled "Sanmenxia Intermediate People's Court Vice President Dies While Under Communist Party Detention, Family Says His Body Was Covered in Injuries and Blocked From Taking Photos" (三门峡中院副院长双规期间死亡,家属称其满身伤痕要求拍照被拒绝). These screenshots show that it has been deleted.

Original URL: http://epaper.jinghua.cn/html/2013-04/24/content_1984716.htm

The Global Times reposted the article. But as this video shows, it has since deleted the article.

Original URL: http://china.huanqiu.com/local/2013-04/3866020.html

On April 25, the print edition of the state-sponsored Beijing News published an article entitled "Official Dies While Detained by Communist Party, Officials Say It Was a Heart Attack" (官员双规期间死亡 官方称心脏病突发). These screenshots show that it has since been deleted.

Original URL: http://epaper.bjnews.com.cn/html/2013-04/25/content_428808.htm

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