Another Protest, Another City Disappears From Sina Weibo: Pantu, Fujian

On April 26, 2013, the state-sponsored Southern Metropolitan Daily published an article entitled "Struggle Over Government Taking Rented Land: Villagers in Tongan District, Xiamen Say 3,300 Mu of Land Was Rented Out, Local Survey Finds Exercise of Imminent Domain Lawful, Procedures Complete" (租地征地之争 厦门同安区村民称3300余亩地是出租,当地调查后则认为征地合法、手续齐备). An excerpt:
At around 4:00 am yesterday, villagers gathered in front of Kaige Golf Club while officers from Xiamen's Tongan District administrative law enforcement agency demolished the Pantu residential area in Xike village. Their actions triggered a clash, with villagers and officers claiming injuries on both sides.
This screenshot, taken on April 30, shows that Sina Weibo was censoring searches for "Pantu" (潘涂).

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