Story of Civil Rights Lawyer Being Barred From Beijing Hotel Deleted From News Web Sites

On May 22, 2013, the state-sponsored Yunnan Info Daily published an article entitled "Well-Known
Lawyer Reports He Was Stopped for Entering Hotel to Meet Friend for Being a 'Person of Interest'" (知名律师自曝成“重点” 进宾馆会友被挡门外). Some excerpts:
Yesterday evening well-known lawyer Pu Zhiqiang publicized a "somewhat surprising" incident -- that he had been personally listed as a "person of interest," and was prevented from entering a Beijing hotel. According to the hotel, they were merely acting based on information associated with his personal identification card.
. . . .
According to Pu, when he provided [hotel security] with his ID card, they swiped it on a terminal which then stated he was a "person of interest," and refused to allow him entry into the hotel.
. . . .
Yesterday, the lobby manager for the Ruian Hotel said that his "hotel was somewhat special," and they did not admit anyone with a criminal record or any foreigners, and that if an ID card's information said someone was a person of interest, they could only base their decision on whether to allow entry on the content of the information displayed.
. . . .
. . . .
These screenshots show that the news story was subsequently deleted from the Yunnan Information Daily web site, as well from another state-sponsored news web site,

Original URLs:
It can still be found here:
These screenshots show that on May 23 Sina Weibo stopped showing search results for "Pu Zhiqiang Person of Interest" (浦志强 重点人员).

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