Qihoo and Sina Weibo Censor Searches Related to Report on Offshore Holdings of China's Elite

As noted previously by this blog, on January 21, 2014, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published an article on its web site entitled “Leaked Records Reveal Offshore Holdings of China’s Elite” (机密文件披露中国精英的海外资产). Some excerpts:
Close relatives of China’s top leaders have held secretive offshore companies in tax havens that helped shroud the Communist elite’s wealth, a leaked cache of documents reveals.

The confidential files include details of a real estate company co-owned by current President Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law and British Virgin Islands companies set up by former Premier Wen Jiabao’s son and also by his son-in-law.


These screenshots show that a post on Sina Weibo showing an image with a list of Chinese people’s who names were mentioned in the report was blocked.

 These screenshots show that shortly after the publication of the report, Sina Weibo began censoring the following terms:
  • ICIJ
  • China Offshore Finance Secrets Leaked (中国离岸金融解密).
  • China’s Secret Offshore Tax Havens (中国秘密离岸避税港).

These screenshots show that shortly after the publication of the report, Qihoo began censoring search results for “China Offshore Finance Secrets Leaked” (中国秘密离岸避税港).

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