Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baidu Apparently Stops Censoring Non-Chinese Character Search Terms on its Brazilian Search Engine

On July 19, 2014, this blog noted that it appeared that, shortly after its initial launch, Baidu’s Brazilian Busa search engine was apply PRC government censorship to its search results. Here is a screen capture video taken on July 19 showing search results on Baidu Busca for “Falun Gong” (in Pinyin), Xi Jinping (习近平 in Chinese characters), and “Gao Zhisheng” (高智晟 in Chinese characters).

These screenshots were taken on July 22 and July 29, respectively, and show that, some time between those days Baidu appears to have stopped censoring searches for “Falun Gong” (in Pinyin).

To be more specific, these screenshots show that it appears that “Falun” was the term targeted for censorship, and that Baidu stopped targeting that term during that period.

These screenshots show that, as of August 6, Baidu appears to be continuing to provide the same results for Chinese character searches on Busca as it does on its PRC based search engine. The main difference being that, Baidu notifies users of its PRC based search engine, but not users of Busca.

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