Tuesday, February 24, 2015

State Media Deploys Blogger to Counter Criticisms From Lawyers, College Dean, and Big V Businessman About Ideology Campaign

On February 9, 2015, several state sponsored media outlets, including the People's Daily and Xinhua, published an article quoting Nankai University Dean Gong Ke as saying:
Recently I have seen online that some people are talking about cleaning out, purifying, and rectifying the teaching ranks, and this is something that I cannot agree with, this is the mentality of 1957 or 1966.
On February 10, 2015, copies of a Freedom of Information Application began appearing online under the title "By Its Nature Learning Should Be Open, To Seal Up Schools and Shut Up the Country is to Endanger the Nation" (学术天然应开放 封校锁国必误国). The Application, dated February 6, requested the following information from the Ministry of Education:
  1. Provide the legal support and the basis of authority for Yuan Guiren's "Four Absolute No's" order to the nation's institutes of higher learning.
  2. Publish a standard for delineating "Western value systems."
  3. Publish the criteria for differentiating between "attacking, defaming, and smearing" and the rights of criticism, suggestion, and free speech enjoyed by citizens under the Constitution.
On February 14, 2015, Ren Zhiqiang (任志强) published a post on his Caijing blog entitled "What Are Western Value Systems" (什么是西方价值观). Some excerpts:
If our own value systems are superior to Western value systems, if China wishes to see the world accept China's value system, then why can't the two value systems be allowed to openly compete on the same platform? Why is it necessary to fear Western value systems?
On February 15, 2015, the websites of several mainland China news outlets published an article entitled "Ren Zhiqiang: Our Government Basically Does Not Care About Protecting Private Property" (任志强:我们的政府根本就不想保护私有财产). Some excerpts:
[T]he government puts excessive emphasis on the gun and the knife and opposes Western value systems. The winds of the Cultural Revolution are picking up again. Furthermore, when it comes protecting private property, they talk about rule of law, when in fact the rule of law they emphasize is the power of government.  
On February 12, 2015, the website of the Communist Youth League published an editorial by Wang Dehua (王德华) entitled "It is Groundless to Talk of a 'Return to the Cultural Revolution'" (说“回到文革”是杞人忧天). Some excerpts: 
Some people are neurotic when it comes to rectifying the teaching ranks. "Comprehensively rectify the teaching ranks? This is the mentality of 1957 or 1966." Some others go online and say that they feel as if the Cultural Revolution has returned. There has even appeared online "Nine Lawyers Express Doubts About the Ministry of Eduction" questioning the legality of rectifying institutes of higher learning.
. . . .
Do not use the Cultural Revolution as a shield. As soon as someone mentions rectifying the teaching ranks it must "leftist." When people bite the hand that feeds them, the hand of the Communist Party, and violate laws and the Constitution, should we just let it slide? The only members of the teaching ranks who will get rectified are the rotten apples that would spoil the bunch. If we can admit that "there are certainly those within the teaching ranks who have issues when it comes to political viewpoints, lifestyle, finances, and academic discipline," then why can we not agree to "clean out, purify, and rectify the ranks of teachers"?
. . . .
The "Nine Lawyers Express Doubts About the Ministry of Eduction" may shout about "by its nature learning should be open, and to seal up Sschools and shut up the country is to endanger the nation," but this what they are in fact doing is opening the door to make it easy for Western incorrecting value systems to spread throughout our institutions of higher learning. Many people believe that China cannot be "brought down with curses," but they are naive. There is still a vibrant market for those who peddle the idea that "China's political reforms are lagging behind its economic reforms." Certain people continue to blindly worship the West's electoral system, and their goal is to tear down the "Emperial Palace" and replace it with a "White House."
. . . .
Under no circumstances can students, whose minds are like blank slates, be exposed to the Western world view.

. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
On February 16, 2015, the Global Times published an editorial by Wang Dehua (王德华) entitled "Ren Zhiqiang's Spouting About the Return of the Cultural Revolution Exposes Him For Who He Truly Is" (任志强扯出文革来说事是欲盖弥彰). Some excerpts:
What Ren Zhiqiang said has the appearance of truth, but is actually false. His logic is all over the place, and he ignores the facts and makes vague accusations. He advocates Western value systems, but cannot cover up the "the filth that lies underneath," like the West's political system, one person one vote, the multi-party system, separation of powers, etc. Just as he said: "In a democratic country, who holds power is determined by vote." China's current political system is not based on one person one vote, therefore the legality of the Communist Party's hold on power would be called into question, and this is the crux of the issue.
. . . .
Not accepting Western political systems, opposing having Western value systems forced upon us, attacking corruption - how can this be equated with the Cultural Revolution?
. . . .
If you are not doing anything illegal, then why are you afraid of the gun and the knife? By trotting out the Cultural Revolution you are saying more about yourself than anything else.
. . . .
. . . .
Neither the Communist Youth League nor the Global Times disclosed Wang's affiliation, but there is a Wang Dehua who maintains a blog and claims to be a "Special Commentator" for the Global Times.

The Global Times subsequently removed Wang's editorial from its website (original URL - http://opinion.huanqiu.com/1152/2015-02/5702866.html), but it can still be found on Wang's blog here - http://wangdehua.blogchina.com/2385479.html

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