Wednesday, October 28, 2015

State Media Publishes List of Banned Video Apps

On October 15, 2015, several state sponsored news outlets - such as and China National Radio - published an article entitled “GAPPRFT Announces 81 Illegal Video Apps, Fengyun Broadcasting Tops the List” (广电总局公布81个非法视频软件 风云直播上榜). The reports included an image that was posted on Sina Weibo by “Television Eyes” (电视眼 -

The Sina Weibo post was subsequently deleted, but the image showed a table entitled “List of Illegal Video Clients (Mobile Clients)” (非法视频类客户端软件名单) listing 81 apps listed along with app stores on which they were available and a column titled: “suspected illegal and harmful content broadcasted” (涉嫌传播的违规有害内容).

Five of the video apps were cited for “Providing the Hong Kong ‘SunTv Satellite’ politically harmful documentary ‘National Martyr’ video program” (提供香港“阳光卫视”政治有害纪律片“国殇”音频节目).

Some other examples of banned apps and the legal justification:
  • Fengyun: Providing Hong Kong Phoenix News, Vietnam-BPTV1 and other overseas video platform live broadcasting services.
  • Kaixun: Providing UK BBC, Hong Kong Phoenix News live broadcasts.
  • Xigua Video: Providing Hong Kong HKS Channel live broadcast service.
  • Mobile TV Broadcasting: Providing Taiwan Hongguan Satellite Television live broadcast service.
  • 91 Watch TV: Providing Japan CGNTV live broadcasts.
  • Fast Hand Downloads: Providing Japan NHK documentary “Century Factory, Changing China.”
  • GoGo TV: Providing United States “Voice of America” and other overseas television live broadcast programs.
  • Muslim TV: Providing “Islam Channel” and other overseas television live broadcast programs.
Original Sina Weibo Post:

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