On Anniversary of Japanese Invasion, Japanese Businesses Shut Down, Express Support for China

According to the state-sponsored China Daily's front page article on September 18, 2012:
Many Japanese businesses will shut operations on Tuesday, the anniversary of Japan's invasion of Northeast China in 1931, in a precautionary move ahead of possible protests against Tokyo's recent move to "buy" China's Diaoyu Islands. 
The worst outbreak of anti-Japan sentiment in decades was seen in protests over the weekend.
. . . .
Japan's Fast Retailing said it will close 19 Uniqlo outlets in China on Tuesday, up from seven on Monday. One store will be operating on shortened hours on Tuesday, against nine on Monday. 
Japan's leading general retailer, Seven & I Holdings, will close 13 Ito Yokado supermarkets and 198 "7-Eleven" convenience stores in China, a company spokesman said on Monday.

These photos were taken on September 18, 2012 in Beijing.

The sign on this Japanese restaurant's door says:
"Support Safeguarding Diaoyu!
This shop is closed for one day on September 18! "

The sign on this Japanese restaurant's door says:
"Passionately Love the Motherland Safeguard the Diaoyu Islands"

The Japanese restaurant on the left has covered up the characters for "Japanese"
and put up a poster saying "The Diaoyu Islands are China's."
On the right, Yoshinoya prominently displays a PRC flag.
The sign on the sushi restaurant says "Support Diaoyu Islands, Closed September 18."
The sign on the Seven-Eleven says "Reopening September 19."

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