Friday, September 21, 2012

What Protesters Could and Could Not Say During Demonstrations In Front of Japanese Embassy

On September 17, 2012, the state-sponsored Caixin Magazine published a report entitled "Closer Look: How a Protest in Beijing Stuck to the Script." An excerpt:
A nearby street was filled with police, most of them relaxed. When I photographed the protest, he smiled and said: "You can join the protest."
"Can I? Won't I be pulled out?" I asked.
"Since it is me who let you in, who dares pull you out!" he said.
"But I haven't applied for permission," I said.
"It is OK. The organizer has applied," he said.
A middle-aged policeman also encouraged me to join the parade.
"Can I shout 'Punish corruptions'?" I inquired.
"No, you can't!" the middle-aged officer said, suddenly seriously.
"Only slogans concerned with Diaoyu Islands are allowed," a young policeman chimed in. 
The following photos were taken at the protests, and show what kind of slogans the police presumably deemed to be permissible.

"China is of one heart, bathe Tokyo in blood."

Protesters burn a Japanese flag while others hold poster saying: "Fuck You."

"Our hatred is irreconcilable / We beg the government to launch a war."

"Boycotting Japanese good begins with me.
Anger without action is meaningless.
There is no negotiating issues of sovereign territory, there is only war."

"Declare war on Japan."

"China is unanimous, Destroy little Japan."

The red banner reads: "Cut off the heads of the Japanese devils with six cuts."

"Declare war on Japan, Blood debts paid must be paid in blood."

The sign on the left reads: "Japanese assholes, get the fuck out of China."

The sign on the right reads: "Declare war on Japan / I will donate 10k."

The Mao t-shirt reads: "Start a war."

"Bring down Japan even if it means the country's land is rendered barren."

The sign under the pinwheel reads "Little Japanese / Go die!"

The t-shirt says: "Blow up Japan / I can stop watching AV."
("AV" is a reference to Japanese adult films.)

"Flatten your Tokyo"

"Flatten Tokyo / Return my Diaoyu Islands"

"Take back the Diaoyu Islands, even if it means killing everyone in Japan."

"Slaughter all little Japanese, return my Diaoyu Islands."

"China should take action and kill the Japanese dogs."

"Chairman Mao come back soon
Little Japanese are invading us again."

"Defend the Diaoyu Islands / Don't bother with negotiating / Resolve this with armed force."

"The Diaoyu Islands Belong to China
Sola Aoi Belongs to the World"
(Sola Aoi is a Japanese adult film star)

The man behind the boy is holding a sign saying:
"Japanese devils / Get the hell out of the Diaoyu Islands, otherwise I will
let my son piss on you."

The white banner reads: "Flatten Tokyo."

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