Report of Car Sex Death Rumors Deleted, Web Site Closed, Search Terms Censored

On August 22, 2012, the China-based web site Tuiduo Net (推度网 - "tuiduo" means "conjecture" in Chinese) published an article entitled "Internet Rumor Spreads That PLA General Assembly Base Deputy Director and Mistress Die Having Sex in Car." (网传解放军总装基地副部长搞车震与情妇双亡) This screenshot shows that by September 8 the article had been deleted.

Indeed, it now appears that the entire website has been shut down. The web site originally displayed the ICP registration number "湘ICP备08102222号." Now it shows the registration number is "湘ICP备10023842号," and its name is changed to "Merchant Alliance" (招商加盟). This screenshot shows the web site as it appeared on September 8.

These screenshots show that China's major search engines such as Baidu, Sogou, and Youdao censored searches containing terms from the report's title - in each case the search engine returns no results, just a notice saying that it would be illegal to do so:
September 5: "Base Car Sex" (基地 车震)
September 3: "General Assembly Car Sex" (总装 车震)
September 3: "Director Car Sex" (部长 车震)
These screenshots show that Qihoo did not, however, censor any of these search terms.

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