Sunday, February 28, 2016

Global Times Editor Opines on Government Tolerance of Criticism (Again)

On February 14, 2016, Hu Xijin (胡锡进), Editor-In-Chief of the state sponsored Global Times, posted the following from an iPhone 6 Plus to his Sina Weibo account:
China still needs more open channels for airing views, and should encourage and tolerate constructive criticism, and should have a certain accommodation for non-constructive criticism. Allowing more airing of views will result in certain problems, but it will bring with it even more benefits. The history of modern China proves there is an intimate and inseparable relationship between tolerating the airing of views and the vitality of society, and the State is entirely capable of addressing the problems that it brings about. One hopes that government agencies and officials and all levels and all places will be able to make their own contributions to achieving a broader airing of views.

中国还是应多放开言路,鼓励、宽容建设性批评,对非建设性批评也应有一定承受力。言路宽松会导致一些问题,但它带来的好处更多些。新中国的历史证明,言路 宽松与社会活力的关系密不可分,而对于它导致的问题,国家的应对能力是宽裕的。希望政府各部门、各级和各地官员都能为实现言路更宽做出自己贡献。
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Editor Hu, you've been drinking some kind of tonic to get your blood up, haven't you

Another year has passed, so has becoming one year older made you wiser?!

China's leaders are following Hitler: Might makes right

Tolerate airing views, restrict dissemination. You can't have both.

This deserves some praise

Even the New Year's Gala can't be discussed, much less anything else.

Editor Hu is saying something sensible, so give him some credit

Has Editor Hu been drinking? Delete Delete Delete

Speaking frankly, Old Hu's got guts, no matter what Internet users say, he never takes things personally, doesn't retaliate, sling mud, etc. Of course, the comments on Old Hu's posts are mostly random and heated, but can't people just acknowldge something good? Of course where individual views are different its hard to avoid conflict, but its a skill to get people to understand, and the more things are in conflict the more we should avoid locking horns, no?

And what about the New Years Gala?



中国leader 这是奔希特勒去了:强权就是真理







This is not the first time Hu has discussed the State's attitude toward critical speech.

In May 2015, Hu wrote on Sina Weibo: "Without those such as Liu, Ai, & Pu, China would be North Korea." (没有刘、艾、浦等,中国就是朝鲜。)

In February 2014, Hu wrote on Sina Weibo:
I met an old friend, very wealthy, opened his own medium-sized company. The kind of guy who will spend 20, 30 thousand on a vacation to Hainan, but who has nothing but complaints about the country. I asked him why, and he said the most important reasons were unhappiness, air, and food safety, no right to speak, not to mention the country's politics.
In December 2014, the Global Times published an article in which it said "Chinese journalists do not enjoy free speech as their Western counterparts do."

Translation: Huang Xuqin and Wang Jianbing Inciting Subversion Indictment

On June 14, 2024, the Twitter account "Free Huang Xueqin & Wang Jianbing 释放雪饼" (@FreeXueBing)  posted a copy of the last two p...