Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Year In Review: Top 10 Examples of Free Speech With Mainland Chinese Characteristics

"The China Dream"

Screenshots showing Sina Weibo began censoring "The Chinese Dream" (中国梦)


Screenshot showing Sina Weibo censoring searches for "Today" (今天)
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/06/sina-weibos-censorship-of-24th.html

"I’m Cold and I’m Hungry"

Screenshots showing Tencent Weibo began censoring "I'm cold and I'm hungry" (我冷我饿)
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/04/2013-sichuan-earthquake-images-of.html

"Silence Those Who Need Silencing"

Screenshots showing Sina Weibo Weibo censoring searches for
 "Silence Those Who Need Silencing" (该关闭的关闭)
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/04/chinas-weibos-censor-discussion-about.html

"Lawyers Detained and Beaten While Calling Attention to Black Jail in Ziyang"

Screenshots showing Baidu began censoring searches for
"Lawyers Detained and Beaten While Calling Attention to Black Jail in Ziyang"
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/05/search-engines-and-sina-weibo-censor.html

"Open Letter to a Nameless Censor"

Screenshots show that Sina Weibo began censoring searches for
 "Open Letter to a Nameless Censor" (致黑暗中的弄权者).
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/06/chinas-weibos-and-baidus-postbar-censor.html

"Xu Zhiyong Criminally Detained"

Screenshots showing Baidu began censoring
"Xu Zhiyong Criminally Detained" (许志永被刑事拘留)

"Tiananmen Explosion"

Screenshots showing Baidu began censoring
 "Tiananmen Explosion" (天安门 爆炸).

Officials Dying While  in Communist Party Custody

On April 25, the print edition of the state-sponsored Beijing News published an article entitled "Official Dies While Detained by Communist Party, Officials Say It Was a Heart Attack" (官员双规期间死亡 官方称心脏病突发). These screenshots show that it was deleted.

Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/04/news-sites-delete-story-about-jia.html

These screenshots show that, between September 5 and September 9, all information relating to Yu Qiyi's death had been deleted from Baidu's Encyclopedia (百科 Baike) article on Yu Qiyi. The article ends with the statement that he was placed under shuanggui in March 2013, but makes no mention of the fact that he is dead or the circumstances surrounding his death.

Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/10/baidus-encyclopedia-and-news-websites.html

Southern Weekend Tries (Unsuccessfully) to Question the Rumor Crackdown

On September 5, the state sponsored Southern Weekend published an article entitled "Will Attacking Rumors With the Long Arm of the Law Lead to a World Without Rumors?" (打击谣言的法律边界重拳严打,天下无谣?).  These screenshots show it was deleted on September 6.
Context: http://blog.feichangdao.com/2013/09/southern-weekend-article-questions.html

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