Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wife's Letter to Xu Zhiyong Disappears From Sina Weibo

On January 27, 2014, the Wall Street Journal published a letter (English | Chinese) from Cui Zheng (崔筝) to her husband, Xu Zhiyong, who had been sentenced to four year’s imprisonment the previous day. Some excerpts:
Finally, I’ve figured it out. Everyone has their own things they hold fast to – a bottom-line they won’t change to cater to or please others. I, too, have lines I won’t cross, no matter how much you beg me to.  Therefore, I don’t blame you at all for today’s result and I accept it calmly. But it is not because what you persist in doing is noble to me. It’s because fate has pushed you the point where you must chose to persist and give up on everything else.
. . . .
You should discuss the details of a second trial with Lawyer Zhang before the Spring Festival. I don’t have the energy to get involved any more. But still I hope you will walk the path of this process to the end. I don’t want you to give up, even if there is only a theoretical chance of success.
. . . .
These screenshots show that on January 28th and 29th, posts containing references to the letter were repeatedly deleted.

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